Gratitude Journal October 2018

To be honest, it’s feeling like a bit of a stretch to think of what I’m grateful for right now. But that’s totally a result of being lazy about counting my many, many blessings, not because I have nothing to be grateful for. The idea to keep a gratitude journal. Otherwise, I simply don’t take […]

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“Truth Fairy” Primary Lesson

Today at Church, we had a pretty fun Sunday School lesson for the 4 year olds. The topic was “Always Tell the Truth“. Here’s more-or-less how it went down: “Have you kids ever heard of ‘the Truth Fairy’? Not the Tooth Fairy (ask your parents about that), the ‘Truth Fairy’. No? Well, today we’re going […]

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Gratitude Journal July 2018

Going on vacation next week when my monthly reminder to do this will probably go off, so I figured I’d do this now. What am I grateful for now… let’s see… Good Experience Today in Sunday School with My Class of 5 Year Olds I’m co-teaching the 5 year olds at church for an hour […]

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Gratitude Journal, May 2018

Things I’m grateful for. Amanda (again) I find being a father very fulfilling and satisfying, and so I need to repeat that I’m grateful for my wife Amanda. Before going through the roller coaster of parenthood (which I realize is still starting), I thought the sacrifice of mothers mostly focused on labour and giving birth. […]

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Gratitude Journal April 2018

Here’s my updated thoughts on a few things that I’m grateful for: Healthy “Munchies” (“Munchies” are how Amanda and I refer to our children. I don’t think anyone else uses that word. It originated from how “munchy” they were as babies and has stuck ever since.) Our 4-year-old and 2-year-old girls are healthy and usually […]

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The Music of the Home

This is a poem by Ann Madsen, one of my religion professors at BYU. I stumbled upon it while reading the biography of her husband Truman G. Madsen The Music of Home The music of home: a subtle melody hard to improvise while far away. Now as it crescendos surrounding me, sometimes in simple silence […]

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