Gratitude Journal December 2018

2-year-old creativity. Celeste created the above masterpiece. And it’s keeping her amused while I type this on my phone. Brownies. I love the saturated fatness and sugaryness of brownies. Peppermint tea. Amanda and I don’t get around to drinking it basically ever, because the kids would have all the emotions towards it (“I want it!”, […]

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Gratitude Journal October 2018

To be honest, it’s feeling like a bit of a stretch to think of what I’m grateful for right now. But that’s totally a result of being lazy about counting my many, many blessings, not because I have nothing to be grateful for. The idea to keep a gratitude journal. Otherwise, I simply don’t take […]

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Gratitude Journal September 2018

Listicles! I can chop out unnecessary introductory fluff and just jump right into the near of what I want to say! Having a fun lesson with my Sunday School kids today Fantastic trip with Amanda to the Vancouver Temple. It’s a peaceful spot and I think going does help me remember the big picture of […]

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Gratitude Journal August 2018

This is just going to be short… I suppose that means I’m not thinking very much about what I’m grateful for… here, I’ll do it as a “listicle” (list-article, a new word I learned). Celeste was mostly successfully toilet trained last weekend. It was actually a pretty good experience for us. I just stayed home […]

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Gratitude Journal July 2018

Going on vacation next week when my monthly reminder to do this will probably go off, so I figured I’d do this now. What am I grateful for now… let’s see… Good Experience Today in Sunday School with My Class of 5 Year Olds I’m co-teaching the 5 year olds at church for an hour […]

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Gratitude Journal June 2018

Stuff I’m grateful for that comes to mind in June. Danielle Danielle is five but is really quite mature. She tries her very best to be helpful and patient. When she was three we did the “marshmellow test” on her (placed a marshmellow in front of her, told her she could eat it, or wait […]

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Gratitude Journal, May 2018

Things I’m grateful for. Amanda (again) I find being a father very fulfilling and satisfying, and so I need to repeat that I’m grateful for my wife Amanda. Before going through the roller coaster of parenthood (which I realize is still starting), I thought the sacrifice of mothers mostly focused on labour and giving birth. […]

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Gratitude Journal April 2018

Here’s my updated thoughts on a few things that I’m grateful for: Healthy “Munchies” (“Munchies” are how Amanda and I refer to our children. I don’t think anyone else uses that word. It originated from how “munchy” they were as babies and has stuck ever since.) Our 4-year-old and 2-year-old girls are healthy and usually […]

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Gratitude Journal March 2018

I was reminded today at church about how gratitude is a characteristic of happy people. I’m often also reminded that I should be keeping a journal (this blog is basically that). So I’m hoping to make a monthly post on my “gratitude journal” a habit. Here goes. Grampa Colin’s 80th Birthday My dad just turned […]

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