Preserve your Story with “Print My Blog” WordPress Plugin

13 thoughts on “Preserve your Story with “Print My Blog” WordPress Plugin

  1. Reblogged this on Retirement Reflections and commented:
    I am reblogging this post from the very generous and talented Mike Nelson. He prepared a PDF copy of my blog ( which I greatly appreciated. I had tried to do this myself using other methods but never found a suitable result. Mike’s solution worked very well for me. If interested, I encourage you to give it a try!

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    1. Hi Terri, that’s right it’s not yet available to basic blogs because you need to install the plugin.

      I have a partial solution for that, which involves me using the plugin from one of my sites, but it will query for posts from your site. (I tried it on Donna’s blog and 4 others and it worked ok, but that’s hardly a large sample size.) If you contact me (see I can run it on your site and send you the PDF.

      Or you can wait until I officially release the solution for blogs.

      But please, don’t upgrade your account JUST to get this plugin, because that’s not necessary.

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    2. Hi Terri, I just made a version of this available for use by anyone with a WordPress site (on or self-hosted) without needing to install the plugin. Go to and enter your site’s URL there.
      I tried it out with your site’s URL, and it was pretty ok, but it’s biiiig.
      I’m guessing you’ll want to make a PDF instead of printing to paper right now. If so, Google Chrome can print to PDF built-in. On the other hand, I’ve found Firefox with this extension works quite a bit faster:
      Please keep in mind this is a free tool that I’ve put together in my free time, so I’d appreciate feedback. If it’s the pits, you might find to better suite your needs.
      Good luck!

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      1. Thank you, Michael, I’ll check this out later this morning! How kind of you! A pdf is fine, and yeah, there’s a lot of content and photos! I’ll give it a go and will be happy to give feedback! Donna opened a can of worms for you, huh? 😁

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      2. lol, I think your site is a new record for me! The PDF has 2499 pages and takes up 4 GB! I’m pretty impressed my browser was able to handle that (because it’s mostly the browser that does the actual printing or generating the PDF, my tool just tells it what content to use.)


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