How to Print Your WordPress Blog

4 thoughts on “How to Print Your WordPress Blog

  1. I love your plug-in plan, Mike, especially the simple “print my blog” feature. Last month, I did begin to experiment with the Anthologize Plug-In. As my blog contains over 300 posts, and is image heavy, the extensive tweaking that was required to make a reasonable looking print-out was overwhelming. I then looked at some services like blog2print. The biggest problem with that was on almost all of my photos, a large red Pinterest button appeared in the middle of each image. I don’t actively use Pinterest so tried to kill the button — without success. I wrote to the Blog-2-Print Support Staff. Their advice was to remove and re-add each image manually. Seriously!! Giving up on all of that, I then began to cut and paste my blog into a Word Document. I got to 25 posts (50 pages) and since then have taken a very long break from this entire project!


  2. In full disclosure, I’ve discovered that at least the default themes all print very nicely, contrary to what I thought. Eg even if you set a black background, giant logo image, and have lots of sidebar widgets, default themes like twentyseventeen don’t show them.
    Seeing how printing is a bit unusual, I suspect not all themes will do this so well.


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