Five Unspoken Rules of Contributing to Open Source Software

7 thoughts on “Five Unspoken Rules of Contributing to Open Source Software

  1. As I said on WordPress.TV I disagree with large parts of this. What I didn’t say is that some of them are absolute GOLD. Perhaps video doesn’t lend itself as well as text to this, I may have missed some of the points in the video initially.

    * Co-plugins (or any feature to make something extensible/modular)
    * Keeping a record (it’s also for you)
    * Writing less code

    I suppose one of the principal things I would say I’d struggle with, is the notion that the payoff for 11 months is an accepted merge. Or that in any way could justify 11 months of what I’d view as bureaucracy. There are benefits to such a robust approach, like as gauging interest, passion, etc. I think the drawbacks outweigh them.

    * Dangers of only interacting with people on extreme ends of passion spectrum.
    * Loss of agility and ability to innovate
    * Favours people in certain positions more than others
    * To paraphrase a documentary I recently watched. “It’s incredibly rare to encounter a scientist or inventor, that can or has, fully conceived or appreciated the scope of their invention or discovery.”

    If something is a good idea (comes back to explaining it). The execution is secondary to the concept. All code must eventually die. Accepting (without incorporating into a release), then adding a roadmap for inclusion to release, even though it may take the same time, or longer to my mind is a smoother all-around experience. This invites collaboration, rather than the notion a single contributor must fulfil all entry requirements.


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